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nextel is back
nextel is back

Nextel Monthly Rate Plans


No Contracts! Service Billing Is Month-To-Month!

Special Device Financing Options Are Available Please contact us for more for package deals

Nextel Unlimited PTT $19.95 Per Month

  • Unlimited Group Talk
  • Unlimited Private Talk
  • Unlimited Push-To-Talk Service

Nextel Unlimited PTT with GPS $23.95  Per Month

  • Unlimited GPS Service With Device Mapping
  • Unlimited Group Talk
  • Unlimited Private Talk
  • Unlimited Push-To-Talk Service

Nextel Unlimited PTT ,GPS and Phone $34.95 Per Month

Unlimited GPS Service With Device Mapping
Unlimited Cellular Service
Unlimited Group Talk
Unlimited Private Talk
Unlimited Push-To-Talk Service
2GB data per month

    Nextel Smart Phone or Dispatch App  $5.95 Per Month